Our Story

Have you ever written (or arranged) a piece of music, sent it into a performer or ensemble, eagerly awaited the first rehearsal, and arrived to find that……the performers aren’t all that interested in bringing your music to life?

Have you spent HOURS pouring over an orchestration textbook, trying your hardest to write music that will work on an instrument or voice, only to be told that……your music isn’t playable or singable?


During my undergraduate degree in harp, I witnessed a LOT of that. I was so excited to work with composers, and I had a ton of composer friends! I loved the excitement and originality about performing new music and working with living composers.

But I realized not all my fellow performers felt the same way. That’s OK, I still love them, but I made it my mission in life to build a community of performers together who *DO* love bringing the musical ideas of living composers to life, who *DO* love being part of the process of workshopping and refining a piece so that it truly shines. And now I’m taking it to the next level.

Toolbox Sessions brings an incredible group of musicians together to help composers and orchestrators delve into effective writing for their instruments and voices. These musicians are skilled performers, dedicated collaborators, and have extensive experience working with composers like you.  

Writing effectively (or idiomatically) for each instrument is a journey, and I’m sure that our workshop will help you with the initial steps you need to open up more opportunities by making your music accessible to more performing musicians. Not only will Toolbox Sessions get your music performed more, but it will also help you grow your network by meeting a lot of potential future collaborators!

I’m so excited about this conference and I can’t wait to see you there!

-Danielle Kuntz, Executive Director and Founder